# Creative process requires both divergent and convergent thinking

I might mistake conflating the meaning of divergent / convergent thinking to playful / analytical thinking, it's not an idea that I fully grasped yet

Psychologists used to associate divergent thinking exclusively to art, and convergent thinking exclusively to science. Studies have proven that both art and science requires both kind of thinking. Alternating from one type of thinking to another is the key to creativity. The Double diamond model, for example, has put an emphasis to alternate this different kind of thinking.

# References

Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes (p. 63).

"Specifically, the problem-solving behaviour of eminent scientists can alternate between extraordinary levels of focus on specific concepts and playful exploration of ideas. This suggests that successful problem solving may b a function of flexible strategy application in relation to task demands." (Vartanian 2009, 57).
These studies help to solve a puzzle that has bothered psychologists who study creative people as well. "On one hand, those with wandering defocused, childlike minds seem to be the most creative; on the other, it seems to be analysis and application that's important. The answer to this conundrum is that creative people need both ... The key to creativity is being able to switch between a wide-open, playful mind and a narrow analytical frame." (Dean, 2013, 152)