# Persistent web navigation may cause distraction

Even though Web navigation should be persistent and consistent, web navigation can also be a distraction, especially when users have switched the way they think from scanning into focusing on a task (Websites should be designed to allow focus). When users are trying to focus on completing a form, for example, they may or may not intentionally click on web navigation therefore not completing the intended form. In the scenario where a persistent web navigation becomes a distraction, the web navigation should be kept to the minimum, such as just the Site ID.

# References

Krug, Don’t make me think (p. 67).

On pages where a form needs to be filled in, the persistent navigation can sometimes be an unnecessary distraction. For instance, when I'm paying for my purchases on an e-commerce site, you don't really want me to do anything but finish filling in the forms. The same is true when I'm registering, subscribing, giving feedback, or checking off personalisation preferences.

For these pages, it's useful to have a minimal version of the persistent navigation with the Site ID, a link to Home, an any Utilities that might help me fill out the form.