# All changes require marginal adjustment

# References

Kent Beck’s tweet

Big changes are an illusion. All changes are small. There are only longer and shorter feedback cycles.

How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier | TEDxTucson - YouTube

And so, if I wanted to achieve the type of outcome that I desire — doing well in school — I was going to actually have to change my approach. And so I made a marginal adjustment. If I would get an assignment, let’s say, read five chapters in a book, I wouldn’t think of it as five chapters, I wouldn’t even think of it as one chapter, I would break it down into these tasks that I could achieve, that would require me to focus for just five or ten minutes at a time. So, maybe three or four paragraphs. That’s it.

Ask HN: What are your favorite developer-efficiency tips? | Hacker News

With reverse procrastination, you trick your brain into doing your intended task: Ok lemme just open Visual Studio Code and edit this one file then im good, I’ll just change this one line of code, I’ll just do 5 pushups then I’ll stop. Then when you’re on your 5th pushup, you say “surprise mr lazy pants, im actually doing 10!”