# Personality trait is a pattern of attentional habits

Given there are two people with different personality traits in a party, the extrovert would typically be energised after socialising, while the introvert would normally end up quite exhausted. The reason why these two people feel differently can be explained by how they spend their Psychic energy. The extrovert has the Attentional habits to spend their energy looking for enjoyment with others, whilst the introvert might spend their energy being self-conscious and questioning why they are in a party, which is a habit that might be formed due to their bad experience in socialising (Narcissism blocks flow).

The extrovert is not exhausted because the enjoyment they get with others gives them flow experience, and Flow experience consumes less energy. Yes, having a conversation, even gossiping, is a flow activity as skills are required. The introvert, in contrast, would typically not have the skill to enjoy socialising.

# References

Mihaly, Flow (p. 33).

The names we use to describe personality traits - such as extrovert, high achiever, or paranoid - refer to the specific patterns people have used to structure their attention. At the same party, the extrovert will seek out and enjoy interactions with others […].

Mihaly, Flow (p. 50).

Socializing might at first sight appear to be an exception to the statement that one needs to use skills to enjoy an activity, for it does not seem that gossiping or joking around with another person requires particular abilities. But of course, it does; as so many shy people know, if a person feels self-conscious, he or she will dread establishing informal contacts, and avoid company whenever possible.