# Pleasure can be converted to enjoyment

If Boring routine can be converted to enjoyment, would pleasure be able to be converted to enjoyment too? The answer is yes. As The difference between pleasure and enjoyment is the amount of psychic energy spent, finding interesting ways to intensify the activity will convert pleasure into enjoyment.

Let’s take eating food, which by default, is a pleasure because we’re just fulfilling what our biological program is asking us to do. You take eating as enjoyment, you could spend a lot more Psychic energy by developing a certain interest in a specific item. Perhaps you can set into a mission to find the best instant noodles available. The involvement of trying every different instant noodles, tasting them really carefully, and share your findings to others will turn eating into enjoyment.

# References

Mihaly, Flow (p. 46).

Experiences that give pleasure can also give enjoyment, but the two sensations are quite different.