# Sense of control is a basic human need

When we think about human needs, we most commonly think about our biological needs e.g. food, shelter, water, sleep. Sense of control is one of the human need that we often neglect.

# References

The Self-Driven Child (pp. 11-12)

Perceived control - the confidence that we can direct the course of our life through our own efforts - is associated with better physical health, less use of drugs and alcohol, and greater longevity, as well as with lower stress, […] Like exercise and sleep, it appears to be good for virtually everything, presumably because it represents a deep human need.


There are six core needs researchers find are important for humans (both at work and in our personal lives) …

  • Choice: Having flexibility, the chance to have more control over key parts of your world.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Adults, much like children, prefer the world to be organized. This ensures a level of safety. However, some adults are too focused on organization. People may also attempt to control the world around them in all ways possible.