# DNA structure was discovered on cancer treatment research

The DNA structure was discovered by scientists who were supposed to do a research on a cancer treatment. This wouldn't have happened if the project does not allow the scientists to follow a different path i.e. sticking to the plan.

# Reference

Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes (p. 138).

The beginning of the research project that led to the discovery of DNA's structure was the application for a grant. The grant was not to discover DNA's structure, but find a treatment for cancer. If the scientists had stuck to their promises, not only would they probably not have found a cure for cancer, but they definitely would not have discovered the structure of DNA. Most likely, they would have lost interest in their work. Luckily, they did not stick to their plan, but followed their intuition and interest and took the most promising path to insight whenever one opened up. The actual research program developed along the way (Rheinberger 1997).