# Effective workflow forms positive feedback loop

A good way to motivate ourselves is by making a progress, and a good way to know if we're making a progress is by getting a feedback. The best kind of feedback that we should look for is the feedback that we get from the work itself, which will create a feedback loop. Therefore if you define a good workflow, you will form a positive feedback loop. Because the work that you're doing will provide a positive feedback, it will in turn help you continue on your work, forming a virtuous cycle (Ahrens 52).

An attempt to form the feedback externally, not from the work itself, on the other hand is not a sustainable way to keep yourself motivated because you'll not form a feedback loop (Ahrens 52). External reward creates only a single flow, not a loop. This is a similar point to why intrinsic motivation is more sustainable than extrinsic motivation.

# References

Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes (p. 52).

A good workflow can easily turn into a virtuous circle, where the positive experience motivates us to take on the next task with ease, which helps us to get better at what we are doing, which in return makes it more likely for us to enjoy the work, and so on. [...] (Fishbac, Eyal and Finkelstein, 2010)

Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes (p. 52).

Any attempts to trick ourselves into work with external rewards (like doing something nice after finishing a chapter) are only short-term solutions with no prospect of establishing a positive feedback loop. [...] (DePasque and Tricomi, 2015)