# The four stages of competencies

  1. Unconsciously incompetent

The individual doesn’t know what they are not good at.

  1. Consciously incompetent

The individual knows that what they’re not good at. This means they can start to learn.

  1. Consciously competent

The individual learnt and know what they’re good at.

  1. Unconsciously competent

The competent individual forgets about what they’re good at. Their skills become an intuition.

# References

The Self-Driven Child (pp. 37-38)

[…] Remember the motivational saying “Antyhing worth doing well is worth doing badly first”? Well, there’s a famous model that says there are four stages of competency,4 […] […] Stage 1: […] “I’m fine. I don’t need to study math, I’ve got this.” [...] Stage 2: […] “Okay, wow. That was harder than I thought. I guess I need to study math.” […] Stage 3: […] “I’ve studied really hard, I know my math, this test will be fine.” […]