# What makes something interesting?

Zettelkasten enables constant focus on interesting materials, but what does interesting material mean? How do you know know if you have come across an interesting material? Luhmann always worked on something easier and interesting, but what if there are too much of interesting things that you have come across during the day? Would you take notes for them all? Perhaps what we need to better definition of ‘interesting’.

  • Information is interesting when it’s relatable
    • What makes something interesting?. Maybe the best way to answer this question is to understand what information is not interesting. A piece of information is not interesting when it’s you have fully understood it, or it’s not relevant at all to you. If I tell you that the earth is round, you probably won’t find that interesting because it’s something that you have known. If I talk about software architecture to my 3-year-old, she probably won’t find that interesting because she wouldn’t be able to relate.